Monday, 23 July 2012

My favourite Eye Liners!

Hey everyone, sorry for the bad quality photo's!!
These are 3 of my favourite eye liners that I think everyone should try out!

First eye liner is 'Essence; Eyeliner Pen' this only costs around €3 and it's such a great eyeliner. It's like a felt tip marker and it also lasts a very long time. This eyeliner is very good for precision and you can do a very thin line or a very thick line, depending on how you want it!

Second Eye liner is 'Benefit Bad Gal waterproof' this is a pencil liner. It is a great eye liner for your waterline and for creating a smokey eye! It has a smudge brush (as I call them) on the end for creating that smokey look. I'm not sure how much it costs as I got it as a present.

Last eye liner is 'No.7 amazing eyes pencil' in '05 black'. Again, this is a pencil liner which I use for a smokey effect. It isn't that good on the waterline of the eye because after blinking a few times it just looks grey and is nearly gone! But this is a really good eye liner and it's really smooth on application. This also has a smudge brush!

What eye liners would you recommend?? I'm also looking to try out a gel liner so any recommendations would be really appreciated!

Daisy xx

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