Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Beauty products haul!

Hey everyone :) Hope you all had a lovely summer! I'm back to school next week, but I've had a great summer and i'm ready to study! I might put up a back to school blog next weekend.
so today I'm reviewing and showing you guys the latest products I have bought!

Simply Sensitive (boots)
I decided to try this out, because i usually use the 'Simple' mouisturiser but i cant seem to find it anymore? I can online find a really small tub of new simple moisturiser that costs around €10, which i think is a bit much.
However this mouisturiser is SO good, it's basically the same as simple but its boots own brand. It smells really nice too, it has aloe vera in it.

Simply sensitive Face mask
I havn't tried this yet but i'm hoping its good! has anyone here used it before??

Rimmel match perfection foundation
I've only used this twice since buying it, I am very impressed with it. It looks really nice and natural on my face and doesnt really cake on the skin.

Essence gel lash and brow mascara
This is very good, i've never tried clear mascara's but i love it. I mainly use it on my eyebrows, it really does keep my eyebrows in shape which i love!

Like a Walk in the Summer Rain
This is my first purchase from the new essence perfume range. This was my favourite scent. It is really fresh and a perfect perfume for the daytime!

Essence gel look topcoat
This topcoat is really nice, it makes your nails very shiny after painting, however i found my nails were already chipping after one day!

Thanks for reading, and i'd love if you commented on your experiences with any of these products!

Daisy xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

My everyday make up

Hey everyone! Hows everybody?? Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been unbelievably busy. The weather is absolutely amazing in Ireland, it's clear skies outside and it's meant to reach 26 degrees, YAY! I'll be outside sun bathing for the day.

So today i'm showing you guys what make up i use for an everyday look. Not too dramatic, just a simple and soft look.

Before i put any make up on i always use this moisturizer, I personally think it's the best. It dries into your face so quickly, It's also sensitive skin friendly!

~ Simple Moisturiser ~

I've had this foundation for quite a while, it's really good, it does exactly what it says on the packaging. It doesn't budge from my face all day no matter what the weather! However i dont think i'll be re purchasing this because it is quite heavy on the skin and you feel kind of clamy while wearing it.

~ Rimmel Lasting Finish, 100 Ivory ~

This powder is so nice! It's very light and keeps the shiny face away! Basic powder, and it's almost gone as you can see in the picture.

~ Rimmel Match Perfection, 100 ivory ~

Next is eyeshadow, at the moment i'm using one of essences duo eyeshadows. I love the very subtle brown shade. I think it's perfect for my everyday look, lovely and simple!

~ Essence eyeshadow, 12 SO-BEautiful ~

I reviewed this mascara in an earlier post, this is my favourite mascara! You can build it up on your lashes as much as you want or just do the one coat for longer looking lashes.

~ Benefit BAD gal Lash mascara ~

Lastly is the lips! I'm currently loving lip stains, I'm using lip stains everyday because they are so handy. You don't have to re apply them a million times a day. The only problem with lip stains is that they can be quite drying, so i use a general lip balm over the stain when it dries into the lips. It just prevents your lips looking very dry. This lip stain smells so nice!!

~ NYC 16h lip stain, 504 Orange on the Go ~

I'm looking for a new foundation, so what light inexpensive foundation would you recommend??

Thanks for reading guys, i'll be posting more posts soon :)

Daisy xx