Sunday, 10 June 2012

TOPSHOP.. short review

Hey guys,
This is just a quick and short review on another purchase I made. I bought Topshop ''leigh super soft skinny'' jeans.. These jeans are SO comfortable.. there's nothing worse than buying a pair of jeans and feeling like a robot while wearing them, you want to be comfortable!
I bought these charcoal coloured ones, you can also turn up the ends of these jeans! 
They are €58, which is quite expensive, but they are really worth it

So i would really recommend buying a pair of these, they are totally worth it and are great quality! It feels like your wearing jeggins, they are really stretchy and fit like a glove! 

Comment below if you would recommend any other jeans from Topshop or any other shops that you thought were great!

Daisy xx


  1. Hiya chick :) found your blog through bloghopping! Your blog is cute, might go buy these jeans cos I love soft jeans! I snatch them up when I can haha. What are the sizings like? xox

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    1. Hey! Thank you, i just followed your blog! :)
      yeh they are definetly worth it, I'm going to get them in black soon! The sizes are quite good, I'm a size 8-10, so i got them in a 10, but they do stretch a little in the waist when you wear them so i'll be getting them in an 8 next time!