Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lush Review..

Hey guys,  this is my very first review!
This week I went up to Dublin City for a little shopping spree. Everytime I'm there I pass this shop called 'Lush' just near Grafton Street. The smell coming from that shop is just amazing, but i never went into it! However, I finally decided I would go in and have a little look around. When I got into the shop i just wanted to buy everything!! They have so much beauty and skincare products that smell amazing. Lush is also against animal testing and all of their products are completely organic! which is a great bonus!!

What i bought -  

This is a bath bomb called 'Space Girl' it smells gorgeous! It is sherbet sweet scented and kind of smells like lemons. It's just a basic bathbomb, it fizzes up and it has a few sparkle's too! Smells devine and i'll definetly be buying another one of these next time i'm there!
Price- €2.75

now, THIS has to be one of the best things I have ever bought! It is a Shampoo Bar called 'Jumping Juniper'. It smells like lemons & rosemary, really nice! Your hair feels so clean after using it. This particular one is for oily hair, I used to have to wash my hair everyday and now i can go 3 days without washing it. It is a great buy. There are loads of different ones you can get depending on your hair type! And this little bar is worth 3 bottles of shampoo, so it will last ages! 
Price - €7.90

So that's my review of the Lush products I bought, next time i'm in Dublin I will definetly be getting more Lush goodies! 
Comment below and let me know if you recommend any other Lush products and what you thought of them, and if you have never went to Lush, i would recommend going!! It's now one of my favourite shops.

Thanks for reading! and please don't be afraid to comment! 
Daisy xx

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